Hungry In Kentucky

I Hope You Brought An Extra Liver feat. Inebriated Baker

June 24, 2020

Hello, ya little cupcakes! On episode 29 of HINKY, the gang welcomes a guest! This week we have Danielle, aka Inebriated Baker, on the show with us and she tries her hardest to get us drunk with her boozy bakes. We talk about the ill-fated food trip we took to Frankfort this week, but it wasn't a total loss! Sara ate A LOT of local food this week (maybe too much?), Renee made a bunch of cookies, and Carrie has been busy with her myriad podcasts. We find out about how Danielle made her way from New York to Kentucky and how she was able to start her awesome business making cupcakes and other treats using every kind of alcohol imaginable. Renee tells us about some more restaurants that are reopening and some that aren't so fortunate. We also sample some West African food from Sav's Grill here in Lexington with raving results! Does Renee actually try goat meat? Gotta listen to the episode to find out! Subscribe to get episodes when they drop, you can find us wherever fine podcasts are found!

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