Hungry In Kentucky

Spooky SZN feat. The Inebriated Baker

October 28, 2020

Hello, ya little boo berries! On episode 39 of HINKY, the gang welcomes a return guest! Danielle, aka the Inebriated Baker, is back on the show to get us all liquored up with her boozie cupcakes and to tell us about all the cool stuff she's got planned for the coming months. We try to figure out how #spookyszn became a thing, Danielle and Carrie bond over growing up in the same era, and Danielle shows up to the recording in a rather cozy outfit! Renee hits us with some local news and a Halloween candy bracket (that's totally original and not stolen from the Today show), and we get to be guinea pigs for Danielle's fall line of cupcakes! The Podcast Question has us talking about the worst things people have received in their goodie bags on Halloween, and we issue a HINKY PSA for the upcoming holiday weekend. PLUS: Renee surprises us with a soda that has an ungodly flavor. What did Carrie, in particular, think of it? Gotta listen to find out! Subscribe and rate us 5 stars wherever fine podcasts are found!

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